Weed & Growth Control

-Insect/Disease Control

-Plant Health Care

-Tree Pruning/Removal

PGR’s, or plant growth regulators, work like fertilizers, except instead of promoting growth, they restrict it. When applied, PGR’s help control unwanted fruit production, reduce overall annual growth, and increase density of internal foliage, which is essential for crown restoration after major storm or insect damage.

In addition, it is possible to achieve a 15% reduction in annual tree care expenses by using a PGR, because slower growing trees need to be pruned less and are less likely to break in storms.
Control excessive tree growth with our PGR program
Weeds are plants that actively grow and thrive in areas that are not desired. They can choke out other plant life, encroach on property, and even deteriorate infrastructure. Some even can be a health hazard; such as Poison Ivy.  These invasive plants can either be controlled chemically or physically.

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