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Tree & Shrub Insects
The primary focus of any successful Pest Management Plan is timing. This is because many insect & disease problems of trees and shrubs occur when you least expect them to and usually the infestation is not noticeable until the damage is done. At Regal Tree & Shrub, we understand how critical the timing is in treating your property, and pride ourselves in our attentiveness.

Also, in efforts to be "Green", we mainly use Natural & Bio-Friendly control products.

Below are some common problems...
Tree & Shrub Diseases
"Tree Spraying"
"Hemlock Woolly Adelgid"
"Winter Moth"
"Japanese Beetle"
"Armillaria Root Rot"
"Pine Diplodia"
"Fire Blight"
"Black knot"
"Cedar-Apple Rust"

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